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The ODARA is the result of a collaboration between the Ontario Provincial Police Behavioural Sciences and Analysis Section and the Research Department at Waypoint. It was created from research on nearly 600 cases from OPP and municipal police records. The ODARA is easy to score, either from documents alone, or from documents plus an interview with a female client who is the victim of the offender’s most recent domestic assault. A police record check is always advised. The ODARA can be scored reliably, and has been validated in several jurisdictions. It is the first empirically developed and validated domestic violence risk assessment tool to assess the risk of future domestic assault, as well as the frequency and severity of future assaults. For all of these reasons, the ODARA is an important part of efforts to promote a coordinated, cross-sector response to violence against women.

ODARA 101: The Electronic Training Program is an interactive e-learning program for assessors to learn to use the ODARA any day of the year and at any time that fits their schedule. The program consists of five chapters: Introduction, Learning Modules, Practice Cases, Certification, Special Features. The learning modules cover the research background and validations of the ODARA, as well as the detailed scoring instructions for each item. Practice cases are provided in video and written formats, with the correct scoring explained. The program takes 4-6 hours to complete, depending on individual learning styles and preferences. This project has been made possible by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

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ODARA 101 will get a New Look!

Changes are coming soon to ODARA 101 with new cases, updated content, and new agency administrator controls.

  • No new bulk licenses will be issued until further notice
  • This winter, agency administrators will be asked to re-register
    • to obtain licenses for the new program
    • to access a suite of administrator controls that will allow for monitoring agency’s training success
This upgrade project is made possible by Justice Canada