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The Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment Training Program

The ODARA is an actuarial tool for estimating the risk that a domestic violence offender will assault a partner again. It was created by the Ontario Provincial Police Behavioural Sciences and Analysis Section and researchers at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

The ODARA scores indicate how a domestic offender compares with other domestic offenders in terms of risk for re-offense. Higher scores are related to frequency and severity of future assaults and shorter time until re-offence. The ODARA is easy to score and interpret, it has shown excellent inter-rater agreement, and scoring accuracy improves with brief training. Thus, the ODARA is an important part of efforts to promote a coordinated, cross-sector response to domestic violence.

ODARA 101 is an online, restricted-access training program designed to allow assessors to obtain domestic violence risk assessment training anytime, anywhere, and at no charge. Over 1000 assessors per year complete the training, which takes 4-6 hours on average

ODARA 101 was made possible by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. New improvements were the result of a partnership between Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS), and the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres (SADVTC), and made possible by a grant from Justice Canada.

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